possible upgrade: ball screw drive for X/Y axes?

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possible upgrade: ball screw drive for X/Y axes?

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I recently discovered this printer: http://helix-3d.com/gallery/

It´s a pretty large and more expensive printer (something arround 5000€) that uses ball screw drives for the X - and Y - axes. They say they achieve a printing speed of 300 mm/s and can print at 200 mm/s at high quality, something that the Felix can´t do. Even at 80 mm/s, there is a visible ringing.

Do you guys think it´s possible to replace the belts of the Felix with ball screw drives? Could they help achieving a higher printing speed? Or are the plastic parts also causing ringing? In that case, ball screw drives wouldn´t help.

Any experiences?

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Post by seaton »

I was looking at this for my Z Axis, but would love it for all axis

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I've been thinking of the same question. Parker has 3 blog posts and white paper on linear drive for 3d printing.
http://blog.parker.com/select-the-right ... on-systems
http://blog.parker.com/bearings-technol ... evelopment
http://blog.parker.com/ensuring-precise ... ck-systems
http://blog.parker.com/ensuring-precise ... ck-systems

The way it is presented, ball screw drive looks a no brainer, apart from increased cost.

The link to helix is broken. Found information at kickstarter, but can't find an official site. The monstrous bowden cable extruder looks to be probably not a good choice for multi-materials. Direct drive like Felix appears more suitable for this.
https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/he ... d-printing

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