the ABS Injection molding process

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the ABS Injection molding process

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Injection molding process
Flow properties between PS and PC ABS, the liquidity and the injection temperature and pressure have a relationship, the influence of injection pressure slightly larger, thus forming often using higher injection pressure to reduce the melt viscosity, improve the filling performance.
The water absorption of ABS is about 0.2%-0.8%, the general level of the ABS, before processing to 80-85 ℃ oven for drying 2-4 hours or drying hopper at 80 ℃ drying 1-2 hours. With the PC component of the heat resistant ABS, drying temperature can be adjusted up to 100 ℃, the drying time is available to air out to determine.
Using the ratio of renewable materials can not be more than 30%, electroplating grade ABS can not use recycled materials. Injection molding machine selection
Standard injection molding machine can choose the Ramada (screw length diameter ratio of 20:1, the compression ratio is greater than 2, the injection pressure is greater than 1500bar). If the color or the appearance of product material, screw can choose smaller level diameter. Clamping force is determined in accordance with 4700-6200t/m2, according to the specific needs and requirements of the grade of plastic products. Mold and runner design
Mold temperature can be set to 60-65 ℃. Runner diameter 6-8mm. The gate width 3mm, thickness and the product, the gate length less than 1mm. The exhaust hole width 4-6mm, thickness 0.025-0.05mm. Melt temperature
Available to air injection accuracy. Different grades, melt temperature is different, it is recommended to set the following:
Impact: 220 ℃ -260 ℃ to 250 ℃, better
Electroplating grade: 250 ℃ -275 ℃ to 270 ℃, better
Heat: 240 ℃ -280 ℃, with 265 ℃ -270 ℃ is better
Flame retardant grade: 200 ℃ -240 ℃, with 220 ℃ -230 ℃ is better
Transparent grade: 230 ℃ -260 ℃ to 245 ℃, better
Glass fiber reinforced grade: 230 ℃ -270 ℃ temperature of barrel
The feeding area of 40 ~ 60 ℃ (50 ℃)
Area of 1160 ~ 180 ℃ (180 ℃)
Area of 2180 ~ 230 ℃ (210 ℃)
Area of 3210 ~ 260 ℃ (240 ℃)
Area of 4210 ~ 260 ℃ (240 ℃)
Area of 5210 ~ 260 ℃ (240 ℃)
The nozzle is 210 ~ 260 ℃ (240 ℃)
Temperature is suggested in brackets as the basic value, travel utilization rate was 35% and 65%, modular flow length and thickness ratio of 50:1 to 100:1
The barrel temperature 220 ℃
Mold temperature 40 ~ 80 ℃
The injection pressure of 100 ~ 150MPa (1000 ~ 1500bar)
Pressure: pressure holding time is relatively short, the injection pressure of 30% ~ 60%
Melt temperature 220 ~ 250 ℃
Back pressure 5 ~ 15MPa (50 ~ 150bar); if the pressure is too low, the melt in the wrap into the air will cause coking (WIP with gray and black lines)
Injection speed: the best grade injection; from slow to fast injection speed; need to achieve good surface gloss, minimum fusion joint and fusion joints of high strength; need to open the ventilation tunnel in the first channel junction
Screw speed: maximum speed of screw folding line speed is 0.6m/s, but the best will screw speed is low, as long as it can complete the plasticizing process can be in the cooling before the end of time
Metering stroke: (0.5 ~ 4) D
Residue volume ranged from 2 to 8mm, depending on the measurement range and the screw diameter
Pre drying ABS in some cases can be directly from the raw material bag feeding without pre drying, drying at the temperature of 80 DEG C or 3H; wet particles cause products have cracks, scratches or bubble
Recovery: can feed back plus 30%, the premise is the materials before no thermal degradation
The shrinkage rate of 0.4% ~ 0.7%
The gating system: using point gate and hot runner; minimum wall thickness shall not be less than 0.7mm, because ABS has poor fluidity
Machine stoppage time: no need of other material cleaning
Equipment: standard barrel screw, non-return valve, through the nozzleImage email:[email protected]

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The process is nicely defined here. Exactly the ABS Injection molding is easily plastic injection molded, and it provides uniform shrinkage in both the flow and transverse-to-flow directions,

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This is completely and well defined the ABS injection moulding process. Moulding temperature and pressure highly impacts on the final products

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This is completely and well defined the ABS injection moulding process. Moulding temperature and pressure highly impacts on the final products

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