One side melting/sagging

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One side melting/sagging

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I have been playing with my new Felix 3.0 dual extruder printer for about a week now and have had pretty good results. I have only been printing with 1 extruder mainly because I have not been able to successfully execute the dual extruder test print because ooze from the extruder not being used seems to dislodge printed layers from the bed. That is a problem I will ask about on another day though.

I have printed may items with one extruder with reasonable success but I have noticed that there seems to be more melting/sagging on the side of the print facing the unused extruder. I am assuming that this might be because the fan on that side is farther away and may not be cooling the extrusion well enough. I have been mostly using the factory settings for my prints. Is this common or am is there something that I can change to improve this?


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I would think it is common to have some asymmetric sagging. It also depends on the exact printing path as this determines where you get the best cooling through one or the other fan while a layer is built. Sometimes, it helps to just print the part rotated by 90° (around Z), or just reduce extrusion temperature. Also an external fan can be helpful.
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