Filament cooling

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Filament cooling

Post by Mayhem »

i am getting less curling whit this fan. Got 3 of those fans from ebay, 3 euros a piece.
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Post by Capella_Ben »

Nice one. I have some of those blowers on order too.
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Post by gillespinault »

This is very interesting. Would you agree to share the file(s)?

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Post by vivifyer »

looks awesome, I've been hunting around for a better cooling solution, as prints on the 2.0 with detailed tall parts tend to be melty on the far side away from the fan.

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Post by gillespinault »

Sorry for asking again but would you agree to share the file(s)?
I really would like to mod mine too.
I already bought the blowers.

The makerbot replicator 2 has these kind of blowers and the cooling is indeed better.

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Post by kerog »

Mayhem, does this help with the Make Shootout bridging test?

I'd be curious to see if having a better blower makes a difference. Think you could print it and share the results?

Also, could you share the specific brand of blower you got, perhaps with a link? Would it work with a dual extruder setup? How does the weight compare to the standard fan/shroud combo?

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