Felix 3.0 controller not printing

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Felix 3.0 controller not printing

Post by kellsteinman »

Dear Forum, I am not able to get the controller to initiate a print. I insert the SD card and select the Gcode,then press the button, nothing happens for a while then the screen informs me "killed".

Please can someone help me with this issue,

kindest regards Kell Steinman ;)

Legion 2.3
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Post by Legion 2.3 »

If the display says "killed", the main power has been shut off. You can switch it on again by restarting the printer (power switch off - on) or with the quick settings in the LCD-panel (must be something like atx-power ..., it´s one of the lowest settings)

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Post by Ondra »

I have the same problem and switch off and on don't be solution of course because printing was canceled already.. Anybody next idea what could help?

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Post by kerog »

Did you heat up the extruder first?

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