Extruder loosing steps?

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Extruder loosing steps?

Post by pshz11 »

I hear knocking sound from extruder on high feed rate (800). Is feedrate too high or something with tension of extruder (I've tried different tension settings)?

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Post by frankjoke »

Yes, this happens sometimes to me as well, especially if I set extrude width above nozzle size and use high speed.
Kisslicer is using limit in mm^3/s.

I had some failed prints because if it happens too often the extruder get's dirty and dusty and several layers get only partly printed.

Reduce speed or layer hight and print width after retracting & cleaning extruder.

Of course, check also quality of filament and tension of the feeder.

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Post by Legion 2.3 »

You could also try to increase the current of the extruder motor.
I´ve set it slightly higher than shown in the manual and i can stop the filament only with much effort. In the most cases, the extruder grinds the filament away before it stops extruding :lol:
You can increase the current by turning the trimmer on the board counter clockwise. You can do that until the motor gets too hot (~50-60°C)

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