Upgrade 2.0 >> 3.0 'extra options' ?

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Upgrade 2.0 >> 3.0 'extra options' ?

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Looking at the Upgrade kit Felix 2.0 to Felix 3.0 page:

http://shop.felixprinters.com/product-c ... 7KZoBYrffM

I see as extra options:

- Aluminum plate, table 6mm F3.0 v5
- Kapton Foil heater
- Powersupply type ENP-7025D-WILGO (For Felix 3.0)

I have a Felix 2.0 that came with a bed that others (indirectly) say is new, I wonder perhaps I already have this option? It is an aluminium plate with corrugations, the top is completely clear of any hardware or otherwise, the bottom has what I you could call a kapton foil heater, it looks like kapton, and it heats...

Also, I've looked up the spec sheets of both the power supplies listed in the spares, they both are rated 250W. What is the difference otherwise ?

The page is confusing to me at least:

Under 'extra options' it states that the power supply is for Felix 3.0 (which to me reads like you might need it specifically)

Question: is it optional or required?

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Post by Dreide »

I would say you do not need any of these options, since you already have the new bed, and the new power supply seems to differ from the old just by having a mains switch.
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